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Bio Exorcist T-Shirt
Betelgeuse? What's a Betelgeuse? Who is Betelgeuse? Oh shit.

Professionally printed silkscreen.
100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
Ships within 2 business days.
Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Cody wrote
I'll eat anything you want me to eat and I'll swallow anything you want me to swallow! Come on down now! Chew on a dog!

Tamar Brown wrote
Absolutely loved the movie and this shirt!!

Amber wrote
Just received mine, I love it!!!!

justin wrote
Thats how it was spelled during the movie. Watch it.

Dave wrote
Girl tees are fifty cents more because, oddly they cost more wholesale. This is often the case with children's shirts as well.
Anyone confused at the spelling of Betelgeuse is clearly a poser.

ShelbeBaker wrote
Why is the female one $.50 more?

Gina wrote
Awesome shirt, and it was shipped so quickly! They also respond quick and friendly to any questions. Definitely a great website. :D

Crispy wrote
Betelgeuse because Beetlejuice can't say his own name. Straight from the movie and brilliant.

ashton wrote
why is the female design 50 cents more

Colby wrote
To the people who dont understand the spelling, you clearly arent really fans of the movie. Thats how he spells it trying to get them to say his name. I cant wait until pay day!

Sam wrote
To everyone wondering why it says Betelgeuse, that was his real name, they just called him Beetlejuice because that is how it is pronounced.

Tonya Kruger wrote
Awesome shirt! I just wish the blue font was more of a vintage blue than a royal blue or at least the one I got wasn't as vintagy.

Kelly wrote
I purchased this shirt, and the blue is no where near how bright it is in the picture. The print is much darker in person.

Rufio wrote
I'd like it better if it was purple or green (to tie in with the movie itself). Is that a possibility?

Dweeb wrote
If you really liked the movie you'd know that he goes by Betelgeuse as well.

Dude wrote
anyone questioning the spelling has never seen the movie

Kristin666 wrote
Why is it spelled "Beetlegeuse"? Copyright??

dmitry wrote
i don't get it. his name is Beetlejuice, betelgeuse is the name of a star.

Hoss wrote
I agree the female $6 shirt models are all beautiful.

Kate P. wrote
One of my fav movies. Just got this shift and absolutely love it!

Nice ****ing model. honk honk!

Christen wrote
I got demons runnin' aallllllll through me!

AMAZING shirt design!!!

rachel wrote
Awesome shirt!!!

Ryan wrote
This was my favorite part of the movie and you guys brilliantly captured it onto a shirt. I'm wearing it right now and I'm uh .. feelin a little uh anxious if you know what i mean ;)

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