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Vault Tec T-Shirt
For all of your vault needs. Try their Malibu Sunshine package.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Boojakki wrote
Since no one said it before... More Fallout Shirts!

Caiti wrote
More fallout shirts please!

Grant wrote
The true Fallout fans have spoken, MAKE MORE FALLOUT SHIRTS.

urocyonfox wrote
Love the shirt, wish there were more fallout shirts

Rob D wrote
I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet...but could we get more fallout shirts? Thanks!

YASSS wrote
Someone commented about more simple Fallout designs like this and I agree. I got this shirt a year ago and it's still my favorite. More fallout designs please!

Brendan wrote

Make simple, just like this one. Not some massive colorful picture, but instead just make something like a "Nuka-Cola" shirt and a "RobCO Industries" shirt.

Joy wrote
Thank you,
yours truly, Joy

Justin B wrote
My new favorite shirt.

Add more shirts like this. I'll buy anything Fallout-related!

Theo wrote
Bought the shirt, loved it, make more Fallout designs

Kyra wrote
Great shirt--definitely the cheapest Fallout shirt I've seen, and it looks really good for being so simple.

MimeOne wrote
Eugene has won the internet.

Lucas Firemark wrote
Price...price never changes

Joel wrote
I orderd two of these and are awaiting delivery. Awesome design but i want more fallout themed shirts!

Eugene wrote
Shut up and take my caps

Marissa Moltzen wrote
Ordered this shirt for my boyfriend and I was extremely satisfied with the quality and design. Awesome. I wish the site had more fallout shirts.

Valentin wrote
How about a fallout 2 shirt with the slave trader on the front and underneath the phrase "to slave or not to slave?"

Logan wrote
I agree with Michael. Definitely more Fallout shirts. I would buy them all.

Michael wrote
More Fallout shirts please! Some examples, Nuka Cola, War Never Changes, Pip-boy, Fallout Logo. Anything and everything from the Fallout games will be good enough for me to throw all my money at you :P

Fiache wrote
Please more Fallout!
Maybe New Vegas. :D

Ima Whore wrote
More Fallout shit plz

Cwones wrote
More game shirts. More game shirts?? More game shirts.

cassmi wrote
I agree, more Fallout stuff. I would buy them up in an instant. For possible ideas: Nuka Cola, RobCo etc. brands encountered in the games. It would be especially cool to see references to the original two games.

LoneWanderer wrote
Great shirt! I'm wearing it now. I agree with some of the others here, more Fallout shirts...please. Nuka-Cola (on a dark shirt for me) maybe?

Nathan Meade wrote
put one with the vault guy with the thumbs up.

John John wrote
Was going to buy this one for $6, but changed my mind, and bought a mystery shirt...got this as the mystery shirt!

Alex wrote
Never remove this. Also a blue with yellow logo would be beast

celia sylvester wrote
i agree more fallout stuff :)

Zach McClune wrote
War.. war never changes.

WTFranki wrote
Can't wait 'til I get it :]
You guys should put up more Fallout stuff.

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