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Paint Exterminate T-Shirt
Something tells me they weren't hired to exterminate roaches.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Qty. Size Chart

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What Others Are Saying

Furby8704 wrote
I have this shirt in gray and love it! Will get me another one and in different colors too!

atheer wrote

me wrote

Waffle wrote
I don\'t understand the sizes? Are these ladies or kids when they say girls. Where is the width measured?? Thanks

Weeping Angel wrote
I think there's something in your eye.

Rose Tyler wrote
I hate pink.

lisa wrote
WTH, why is the girl's T an extra $0.50 when it is 3.0 oz vs 5.5 oz? Seriously, the men's shirt is almost twice as much cotton! Since it is not twice as large this means the women's shirt is half the thickness.

Doc Andrew wrote
I bought this shirt and received it in the mail. I read the tag and it says 50% Cotton 50 Poly. This shirt is advertised as 100% Cotton. I bought this shirt along with many others. More than half of the shirts I recieved are not 100% Cotton. Not cool to advertise one thing and deliver another.

The Doctor wrote
Beware the Daleks.

RYCBAR wrote
@HelloSweetie so true

Whovian wrote
Do you not see that it comes in "deep red" for the girls? It's ridiculous to write a review complaining about how something isn't available when it clearly is.

PuttinTheTardInTardis wrote
6dollarshirts, y u no have plus sizes? -_____-

Jennifer wrote
Haters gonna hate. I just ordered this in the girl\'s pink and I LOVE it. The ink is so soft and the design is incredible!

StephanieDUNLAP wrote
People in every country receive the home loans in various creditors, because it's comfortable.

Sarah wrote
I still don't understand why girl's shirts have an extra shipping cost? I think I'll just buy a guys tee, they have better colors anyway.

Haley wrote
Seriously with the girl's colors? Lemon? Snow?
It's fuckin' white and yellow.

Alex wrote
Seriously. I just wanted this t-shirt in Red but I can't because I'm a girl. Guess I'm getting the sky blue one.

Annasimoniaine wrote
I agree with HelloSweetie, Daleks and "soft pink" don't go together. I don't understand why the girls tees can't just come in the same colours as the guys tees.
I figured, I might as well just get a guys tee, so I looked at the sizing chart and a guys S is bigger than a girls XL? Am I expected to believe that I'll fit into the smallest male size available? How would that ever make sense? Not every single girl is smaller/skinnier than every single guy, you know..

HelloSweetie wrote
Oi, the girl colors are so girly. It's a Dalek. What kind of girl wearing a Dalek would want to wear pink? Better colors would be red or green like their laser. Pink and yellow aren't exactly exterminate colors.

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