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Murdered Family Mayhem Bumper Sticker
A twisted, twist on a classic bumper sticker....we know.

Designed and printed in the USA
High quality, 4"x12" vinyl
Ships within 2 business days


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What Others Are Saying

Melanie wrote
Awesome! But needs a version where the wife's the killer too. I'll be waiting.

hurtin'incanada wrote
lovethisshit . . . . . . can you modify mine to look like the jolie/pitt family

James in Washington State wrote
I've got one of these on all my cars. Love it.

For those of you who may be considering purchasing one, know that it's not a vinyl sticker like you're used to.

It's a 4"x12" clear square that has the stick family image printed on it. The image at the bottom shows what I'm talking about. Kind of a bummer, but not a deal breaker for me. I cut mine out closer to the printing so it didn't look so bad.

Because of this, you may end up with wrinkles in it if the surface you're putting it on is curvy. Cutting it down should help with this.

Not a family killer! wrote
Uhhh I'd have to explain this one to a cop if I get pulled over and try talking my way out of a ticket?

Anntichrist S. Coulter wrote
ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY ***LOVE*** THIS STICKER! But Emily, you are an ignorant twunt who is too ignorant, illiterate & bigoted to be allowed to "own" ANY animal, EVER. If you knew your ass from a hole in the ground, you'd know that the only pit bulls that are "dangerous" are those who've been ABUSED, TORTURED, MAIMED, MUTILATED & FOUGHT BY SO-CALLED "HUMANS." Ignorant idiots like you are why so many dog pounds/"animal shelters" AUTOMATICALLY euthanize ALL PIT BULLS IMMEDIATELY UPON ACQUISITION. Yeah, this is a casual thread about a delightfully-morbid sticker, but when you display your ignorance so blatantly, SOMEBODY has to answer it with TRUTH.

You people wrote
You people are twacked

Mark wrote
Laughed so hard that I could barely scroll.

Keith Richards liver wrote
YEEESSS!! I need four. Or five! Good shit!

Larry wrote
Any body wanna smell my finger.

snm1718 wrote
I hate those stupid family stickers. This is fantastic!!! I want one to put on each vehicle at work that has a little cutesy fartsy family sticker on it!!! you should also make a FAT family sticker. lol!!! :D

Angela Mendoca wrote
This is SO wrong yet SO funny LOL

Brittney P wrote
This i can't laugh at b/c my best friend and her two children plus there dog were brutally murdered by her boyfriend on Mother's day! Brought back the memory! If i had it I'd put "In memory of" Lisa Freiberg. I'm glad Edward covington is going to stay in prison for the rest of his life! Great thought but hits too close to home!

tak wrote
The first murder suicide bumper sticker I've ever seen. That's awesome!


Emily wrote
I love my new sticker.. I hate family stickers.. The dog was dead to begin with, it was a pitbull..

Love it wrote
Love it!

Nate The Knife wrote
This is awesome! Got one for my car, one for my laptop.

Jesus wrote
I think its funny....Wait, they're Jewish right?

none ya wrote
This is crazy twisted. Why would you want to put this on your car? I find the family bumper stickers as obnoxious as the next guy but really? Also, i agree why did the dog have to go?

A cereal killer (yes, I eat cereal) wrote
This is hilariously evil.
people that show off their family using bumper stickers are so stupid, this is a very clever satire.

KW wrote
The dog needs to go, because he was in on it from the start!

Parker wrote
damn why kill the dog

mayej wrote
To 'disgusted' below:
Great thing about America! You DON'T have to buy it....but I got two. Thanks $6shirts!

disgusted wrote
This is awful! I agree the family stickers are a bit much but with all the idiots that actually are not man/woman enough to just kill themselves and choose to take their kids along, this is JUST WRONG!

VAmom wrote
If the mom were holding the weapons, I would put this on my van in a heartbeat.

theinternet wrote
Forget this, I'd rather have one with a single male and a bag of money.

BOOBS! wrote
I was just loathing the conversations I have about words.

Bailey wrote
I was just having a conversation about how much I loathe the word 'loathe'.

Bex wrote
I was just having a conversation about how much I loathe the family stickers... This is just epic.

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