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Newfags Cant Triforce T-Shirt
The true test of Newfagdom: producing a proper Triforce.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

Stan wrote
i fuck guys and get shit on my dick!

Torchwood wrote
Intentionally insulting.

SirDigbyChickenCeasar wrote
its a shirt why the hell are people fighting over whos a newfag and whos not on a 6 dollar shirt website, go back to the forum you came from and start the argument there, oh wait, because NEWFAG, Y U DONT KNOW HOW TO POST ON DA 4CHAN

Ryan S. Smith @ HSNP,AR wrote
Wicked kewl

asdas wrote
only the most despicable, cancer ridden newfag would wear this dumbass shirt

oldfag wrote
oldfag here, this shirt will be mine!

anon wrote
rule 34. also, this is now a spiderman thread. ▲
▲ ▲
▲ ▲
▲▲ ▲▲

Close Enough. wrote
................/ \................
............../ \..............
............/ \............
........../ \..........
......../________ \........
....../ \ / \......
..../ \ / \....
../ \ / \..
/______ \/_________\

Anon wrote

David D wrote

anon wrote

god wrote
fucking dammit. 1 & 2 only applies to /beeeee/, therefore triforce can be used everywhere in faurchanne

the mothafu**er wrote

This is a forced meme wrote
Wow, the only thing that makes this place better than hot topic is that here, the shirts aren't overpriced

newfag wrote

anon wrote

Tha troll wrote
All rules are for looooooosors

Dollay wrote
This shirt made me take an arrow to the knee

Grow Up wrote
This is homophobic.

anon wrote
If you bought this shirt, hurry up and an hero immediately, the human race thanks you.

UGH. wrote
hurr durr anon is legion newfags rules 1 & 2


Fucking faggots. Grow up for god's sake.

I came here for a Breaking Bad shirt and I can't believe the stupid fucking shirts they have on here.

oldfag wrote
rules 1 and 2 only apply to raids, Obvious newfags are obvious Also its not a secret club or anything quit being butthurt candy ass

Anon wrote
"Anonymous wrote
Correction: Newfags apparently can rule #1-2."

Rules 1 and 2 only apply to raids, newfag.

Zac wrote

anonica wrote
Only newfags cry like babies because of that. Real oldfags just don't give a shit.

anon wrote
you are the cancer

anthony wrote
incredibly offensive.

anon wrote

Someone. wrote
It would be better if it was just the "triforce"

Derpy Don wrote

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