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Awesomely For The Lulz T-Shirt
Make your friends lawl their asses of with this tee.

Please note, clearance tees cannot go towards the 10 for $50 discount deal.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

UGH wrote

You wrote
I don't care what any of you say. This is the ORIGINAL troll face! XD

Sarah Vanderworker wrote
Bought this for my HS aged daughter ( go it in a guys tee to save a buck, still looked awesome!) size was spot on and design was awesome. Tee was soft and strong :)

Cool kid B| wrote
So I ordered this shirt got it today and I\'m not so exited. I expected a bright yellow face but instead it is dull kind of blue mixed with yellow but all my other shirts are awesome :D

the guy out side your window watching wrote
this is a really cool shirt im glad you picked it

Bobbie wrote

i wrote
meh meh meh meh meh meh \\'0\\'

idk wrote
this smiley is currently used in f7u12 comix, inherited from the chans, and originally created by lego robot.

If you get this shirt w/o knowing what you associated with, you are the wrong kind of tard

MEDINA19Rosa wrote
I will recommend not to hold back until you get enough amount of cash to order all you need! You should just take the business loans or just college loan and feel fine

Heidi wrote
This is the "Awesome Face" or the "Epic Smiley", it is from 4chan and Reddit.

The shirt is of higher quality than any of the other daily-deal types out there. Soft cotton, solid screen printing...

Kevin Campbell wrote
I got this shirt. It fits nice and the design is is high quality. I dont know how long itll stay but you get what you pay for. I take care of my stuff though. BTW, this is a troll face.

luckyducky wrote
i own this shirt in green and its attention grabber! everybody says I LOVE YOUR HAPPY FACE XD maybe hes so happy where he is located at on my shirt (im a chick so hes smacked right on my boobs Lol)

kat wrote
were is the smiley come from!!??

Kevin The Girl wrote
It's simly hilarious, but it would be much better if you could get the girl version in orange as well.

re: Emilio Escobar wrote
not your personal army

kaelan wrote
Thiz shirt is the shizzz

A hobo from behind the Olive Garden wrote
Ukelele, try reading more of the page. Look on the left, and you'll see it says "WE SHIP GLOBALLY".

James wrote
I was going to order this for my brother today. But the shipping on this site is too steep :(

Tasha wrote
I bought this in Blue! So excited! >:D

Pusherbot wrote
Pusherbot is very sad :awesome: has come to this fate...

SpiralUpwards wrote
Isn't this from Deviantart?

bob wrote
Casey: a lot of dubstep music videos have this smiley face. Probably not where you saw it but maybe.

ukulele wrote
do they ship overseas?
for example, to australia??

Ann Nonymous wrote
I bought this shirt and his tongue is white.....

leonidas connolly (awsomgrafex@yahoo.com) wrote
who cares

Antonia Mahlke (toni.2393@web.de) wrote
there are just two colors! yellow and pink/purple

lol wrote
if the smiley was bigger itd be better but its what ive got
the :awesome:

:awesome: wrote
im protected

gooney wrote

does it fall off? the smiley? wrote
does it fall off? the smiley?

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