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Jesus T-Shirt
Just a cool dude, chillaxin' and kickin' back while sippin' on some wine.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Unicorn Workhorse wrote
I like how peeps are calling this mockery, when Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine.

Esteban wrote
Jesus don't love you jonathan

Jonathan wrote
All mockers and all blasphemers will burn in hell forever. Jesus is the living God, the great I AM, the Creator of all things. Muhammad is a worthless sinner who served the devil by founding a false religion in Islam. He is being tormented in hell at this very moment. Comparing Jesus to Muhammad is blasphemy in itself. All of you people who mock Jesus/God and blaspheme will end up in hell for eternal punishment unless you repent sincerely of all your sins and live your life for Jesus. Be wise and don't be foolish. There is no mercy given to anyone who ends up in hell. God's judgment is coming very soon.

Peter wrote
I\'m wearing mine when I go to the Vatican next year!

bruh wrote

Gabe wrote
I don't think Jesus would mind. Jesus teachings go way beyond this primitive world of creation and way beyond a simple t-shirt. We as humans try to define the infinite which is kind of insulting to the infinite god. Can't define and infinite being. So stop thinking this t-shirt is an insult.

Beest Beestoffersen wrote
there are 2 schools of Jesus rendition: The Fabio school, and the Jeff Skunk Baxter (Doobie Brothers) School

Lucy fur wrote
does the pope shit in the woods?

2Blessed wrote
My priest, Father David, loved it -- I'm about to buy another one --- a very Catholic design ---

Steve wrote
Is anyone else amazed at the Christians trolling a t-shirt site just to get pissed about a shirt design? It's a shirt. Calm the fuck down.

Chris wrote
I'm Catholic and this shirt doesn't offend me at all-he is offering the precious blood-how is that blasphemous? Is it because he looks cool? People need to chill out.

tg wrote
coolest Dude ever ..offering His Personal Wine to you...........How cool....BRAVO !!

Kmae wrote
It's The Dude..... classic

Sarah wrote
relax! Jesus has a sense of humor!

Trevor wrote
All the hilarious backlash from these "Christians" has convinced me I need this shirt.

Against the Grain wrote
This shirt neither speaks evil nor slander toward the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. While blasphemy is a fine line sometimes, having a chuckle isn't a sin. Christ came to absolve sin, but to also show God's humanity as an omnipotent being too. Chill out and let people see Christ was one of us (minus the flaws)

Peter wrote
Care for a "Virgin Mary" with a twist ?

ODB wrote
I wish my church had some of that crunk juice!!!

troll wrote
Mdozer you are a fucking ninny. Pull the crucifix out of your ass and shut up.

Ebenezer wrote
I am a devout Christian. Jesus drank wine, more than me. He even turned water into wine for a party. Sounds like a pretty accurate shirt to me. Hopefully you "christians" getting butthurt over this are trolling.

jewsus wrote
lmfao if what bob is pooping wrote was on a shirt, id be willing to pay 12 dollars! hahahahahah ur so funny bob :D

mdozer wrote
As a Catholic, I find this extremely blasphemous. Please know that joking about the Precious Blood of Christ, as if receiving His Blood is equivalent to drinking a martini, is incredibly offensive. This is called desecration. If the intent is to desecrate the highest of Christian teachings, please realize that it has all been done before. Can people cry out "inclusion" and "coexistence" and comment positively on this shirt in the same breath?

A wrote
Sweet design!

ageofreason wrote
relax folks, it\'s a holywatertini

Someone Who Knows WTF wrote
Hey Christians, remove the crucifixes from thy rectums.

Jesus wrote

Robert Rockwell wrote
Cool designs. Do you all carry Muhammad T-shirts?

jumpsh0t wrote
Jesus always seemed like he'd be a weed man to me not a boozer!!!!

Vincent wrote
Why don\'t you cowards lampoon Allah if you\'re so brave? Then you\'ll have to go into witness protection where you belong.

Aunt Tasty wrote
HA! Check your Scripture about calling people fools, people. This is funny! Also, kinda reminds me of Jesus Ese Christ. :D

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