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Aztec Calendar T-Shirt
Keep track of when the world is ending using this t-shirt.

Professionally printed silkscreen.
100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
Ships within 2 business days.
Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Anchovy Rancher wrote
Nice collection of room temperature I.Q.'s ya' got here.

Jaskal wrote
2015 and I still wear this shirt... logo 100% intact. Heather brown.

Shamone wrote
This Town Needs Guns ;)

Spank wrote
Shut Up and Dance.

Cam Eltow wrote
I would like a shirt that says I like big (.Y.)

an annoyed person wrote
the world is NOT ending you dummies! they found other Mayan calendars that go past 2012, but never bothered to tell anyone. All 12/21 will be is just the winter solstice.

Your welcome.

Mags wrote
I got this as a mystery shirt tonight. I like the design, but as Team Andrew stated above, it does seem to be an iron-on. The rest of the shirts I got all seem to be legit silkscreens. Hopefully it won't fall apart on me...

cris wrote
the mayans got this calendar from the olmecs.

Team Andrew wrote
I'm always happy with my orders from $6 shirts. Except this one. It looks like an iron-on. Sad face.

el Bo wrote
Every *thing* has to end- or start over - even diamands aint forever... OR...
Maybe they just ran out of rock. That's why the term "ROCK ON" is of Yucatan origin.

John Foss wrote
I'm an idiot...

John Foss wrote

ColonTAMIKA wrote
I guess that to get the home loans from creditors you should present a great reason. Nevertheless, once I've got a student loan, just because I wanted to buy a car.

shana the siamesekitty wrote
My favorite shirt. I bought this in black. It was a perfect fit. Washed it many times and never faded and wore. The price for this shirt is worth it. Love it and love this site for selling shirts at a price that won't break your bank.

Turtle wrote
For those of you arguing over Mayan or Aztec, Our true name is MEXICA!

FYI wrote
The "All Seeing Eye" is on the dollar bill. As these shirts all cost 6 bucks, it could be a reason of its presence ...nice shirt though

skyblueviews wrote

Thank you!

Tosh.0 : I like zombies

nacho wrote
the tag says "if you use bleach then your chances of surviving 2012 go down to 25% but if you tumble dry low your chances increase to 50%"

melanie wrote
is there long sleeve tees?

Carl wrote
As already mentioned this IS an AZTEC calendar not a Mayan Calendar - the is no 2012 prophecy about the end of the world those who believe this are ignoring the facts.

Kelly wrote
I really like this shirt. I wish there were more abstract shirts too.

I have a degree in Precolumbian art wrote
It is indeed 15th century Aztec and has absolutely nothing to do with 2012... which, coincidentally, has nothing to do with the end of the world.

Kay wrote
Oh please, the worst thing that can happen in 2012 is Obama\'s re-election!

Lucia wrote
The Mayans said nothing about the exact date in 2012. That by the way IS the Aztek calendar, a simple google search will confirm

SCharleston wrote
Jenny, I have thoroughly checked out this company and they are Illuminati! Holy crap, now they are after me! Run!

No, really they just sell awesome T-shirts.
Any Illuminati corporation would not be so blatant as to post their symbol on every shirt title. It's just their brand of humor.

But considering this is the "Review" section for the shirt itself:
It's a cool shirt! Not everyone gets it, I have a few people stop and ask what it is, but I think it's original and fun.

Bend Sinister wrote
And even still. The calendar goes to zero. Zips out. So WHAT? It begins anew. Okay. Does the "world" end? Perhaps. But it's NOT what's meant or intended, not REALLY. And, so too, it's true, computers did and do still work, just, the DATES ceased to function in 2001. Reverting back to 1900's. Funny, huh?

Lux Excelsior wrote
@ Jenny & All-Seeing:

Why is the Eye near every shirt title?

Because this is Company with Vision! Cheers to Illumination, Enlightenment (AND Humor)! ;-)

(resistance is futile, by the way) :-D

Correction Whore wrote
@ Carpe
Sorry to nitpick, but I feel it appropriate, given the spirit of correction you appear to be in.

While Red Rush may be spreading false information, he is not lowering anyone's intelligence. Put simply, intelligence is the ability to learn. His post does not hinder anyone's ability to learn. One might argue it even promotes critical thinking.

That being said... He is clearly speaking from a position of ignorance. But your goof deserved attention as well.

DS3M wrote
2012 is not death, belizeme is correct. It is the opening of a new cycle and new age. We will be in a once in 52000 year alignment, and we will be completing the slight wobble in the motion of the earths rotation on its axis. We may even face a shift in the polarity of the earth (the spiritual center of the earth has shifted also - from tibet and india to South America and Chile). Buy this shirt and look cool in the age of aquarius

belizeme wrote
2o12 does not mean the end. im from belize and im mayan descent.it means a anew, like new world order and new god where to rule then. you'll see the change and its to make us more open as they where and advanced in our time as they where in there time.

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