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KOBE T-Shirt
There is no telling where a winning shot will be made.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Well thats silly wrote
where is the grey shirt :(

JDM wrote
Kobe!!! *misses shot* *grabs knee*

MJ23 wrote
Kobe You're so hard on yourself. Just relax, you're the best thing to happen to basketball since me. Also nice shirt =)

Connor wrote
Got the shirt, love it, think that that guy really needs to shave off his beard, it's nasty

silas scott wrote
I need those match with my kobe lifestyles

They call me James Bond wrote
Yo. A yellow one would be nice.

zack wrote
Put it in yellow for dudes and i'll buy it. until then, no dice.

I Hate Mason wrote
Mason, you are gay

mason wrote
got it in white

Bob tastick wrote
Purple and yellow would make more cause of the lakers....j.s

awhellnaw wrote
So mines definetley heather gray with BLUE letter..WTF! Not Lakers colors

iamdisappoint wrote
Why aren't they in different colors?

The Walrus wrote
Uhhh.... Yellow for dudes?

kailey wrote
omg i can't believe i found this! my friends and i quote this shit CONSTANTLY from the chappelle show! so ordering this pay day!

bleck wrote
The shirt is blue and yellow :/ it should've been purple and yellow for lakers. I was hoping it would be lakers colors would've looked a lot better

yourbestfriend wrote
I love it, even better if it was a condom and a trash can....

starwars is gay wrote
I'm probably the only one here who actually likes bball

nick lombardi wrote
last year in basketball i made 18 steels 4 assists 4 rebounds and 30 points the whole year

Jason wrote
@zacharius23 it\'s actually more of a dark blue-ish writing than purple

osborneman wrote
when you shoot: KOBE! if you miss: SHAQ!

zacharius23 wrote
what color is the actual writing

Kobeeeee! wrote
@blackmamba - I ordered this and t's more banana yellow. In the picture, it looks more like mustard yellow.

Grrrr wrote
I wish the design was purple like it shows on the site. It's not!

blackmamba wrote
Did anyone get this in yellow? Is it yellow like in the picture or... like a bright ass banana yellow?

wtf, wrote
Ok, I made this up in 5th grade and have been doing it since. Now it's a shirt, and apparently everyone does this? That's unreal!

Teresaa Gaspar (Teresaa_Cigaro@yahoo.com) wrote
Justt Boughtt Itt && Itss a badass
It fitss awesomee!

johnjohn wrote
they fit great. thanks.

mattmatt wrote
how do these shirts fit? thanks.

CamCam wrote

LeBron James wrote
Yea, Kobe I totally agree with you man. I"m taking the Cavs to the finals to kick butt, but I still like your shirt!

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