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Smile T-Shirt
My camera is a centerfold, camera is a centerfold! Designed by srock.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

drake wrote
It should be called cam girl

ben wrote

Eitten wrote
Its my favourite shirt. Will this ever become a hooded sweatshirt?

shenanigans wrote
i bought it back when they had it in sand (like a tan sort of color)

great design, but shame they don\'t sell it in sand anymore.

Emily wrote
Fantastic shirt. The colored outline is red, not pink, even on a gray shirt, fyi.

Jaimie Bishop wrote
I sport this shirt alllllllllllll the time... and I'm a girl.

scott wrote
this is a good shirt. if you wouldn't wear it because her ass is on it then you're a pussy.

ioklioep wrote
This shirt would have been awesome if she wasn't totally naked. who's gonna wear this?

BJ wrote
I remember seeing an old book at a camera show that had this design on the cover :-)

Bettie fan wrote
It's a (pretty bad) Bettie Page image. Google her - she was an original. I'd like it better without the camera head.

knui wrote

Matthew Willard wrote
this is my new favorite shirt I own.

jk all day wrote
fuck u samuel u juggahoe piece of shit

whatsss? wrote
is this from something?

Jack wrote
My friend plans on trying to steal this shirt from me, hope she figures a way to get it off of me.

faaaaaaack wrote
i just want the design

dickdock wrote
illuminati eye ?

Natalie wrote
If you're expecting the outline to be pink, it's red. So... don't order the green unless you want christmas colors. :}

Jefri wrote

IGROAN wrote
Naomi is that u?

IMOAN wrote
I wish someone would buy it for this girlfriend.

hawremasif@yahoo.com wrote

R3sp4wN wrote
I just bought this for my GF, she'll love it

s wrote

radarman wrote
oh be careful, you know what happens when naked girls and sand mix...

Dana wrote
Why do the girl colors suck? I want to get it in Sand.

shawn castanedez (shawn@craneyz.com) wrote
cool shirts! i would buy but shipping costs is wayyyy too much just for a shirt. shipping it costs more than the shirt. 8 bucks! really?! screw that...

Cierra Peters (liljjswife@aol.com) wrote
I ordered &the design was completely missing.

epic_indulgence wrote
my girlfriend just got this shirt and the pink around the edges comes out bright red... she got it on a white shirt don't know if that makes a difference but thought I should let everyone know.

bbob wrote
this reminds me of when i used to sniff my mothers panties

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