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I'm On A Boat T-Shirt
Grab your swim trunks, and your flippy floppies. Designed by javco.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

poemadesigns wrote
Hey guys…remember little kids love this sight too! one of my Favs ….but gosh lets try to keep it at least PG13….so we all can enjoy.

Kyrstin Coy wrote
She's My BFF

Tara wrote
An amusing little shirt to wear on a cruise.

PureSealandicFailures wrote
Lol As soon as I saw this shirt I thought of something. Then I saw that the Hetalia ad from Milanoo is there!!! That made my day~

I should go before Anti-talians start cursing me out. ^J^

IngramJILL18 wrote
Various people in the world receive the home loans from various banks, just because it's easy.

Bader wrote
I love u

AS wrote
Damn! Should of gotten this in royal blue, not light blue. XP


emmah wrote
royal blue looks good :P

Matt wrote
Ive got this shirt, the print is great, I wasnt a fan of how the shirt fit though...

solja buoy wrote
A just got a canoe, an' i never beleived i'd be in ma Motherfuckin boat, but now a do, cos I'M IN A BOAT

Renee-ne-ne wrote
To my caustic, frowny faced friend... I was merely going by the inches measurements provided in the size chart. (Btw, cute pun on the name. Hahaha.)

Someone has yet to comment on how the sizes run... So I still haven't bought it. Any takers? Anyone? I'd prefer the lightblue, but it isn't offered for the women. Generic guy shirts tend to run HUGE so I have no idea which to go with... Hmmm.

Santana wrote
Don't forget to buy your Santana Champ' too. It's sooo crisp even on a boat!

Alexandra Magnusson (alexandraroos@live.com) wrote
What color should I order this in? And ppl who already have it, is it good print and does it look good when u wear it?

"I never thought I'd be on a boat
It's a big blue watery road
look at me

I never thought I'd se the day
When a big boat's coming my way
believe me when I say
I fucked a mermaid!

~I'm on a boat~"


michelle wrote
what color looks the best??

andysamberglover wrote
omg still love this song and now is owning the shirt =] and to all the haters ^^^ get a life other than reading ppls comment they can quote the song all they want!!!

"take a picture trick im on a boat bitch" -the lonely island

Rosie wrote
I actually thought I\'d be on a boat quite a lot..

I was wrong.

someguy wrote
I never thought I'd be on a boat

Jeremy Gofman (jeremygteam@gmail.com) wrote
Beleive me when i saaay..... I F*#ked a mermaid!

A wrote
Nice boat

I wrote
fuck your boat, your flip flops, you paties and all that shit....im on a raft

:( wrote
Pants. Jizz in them.

Just try'na be different. Srsly guize, everyone who buys this shirt knows the song, we get it. You are not bonding here. There are in fact other word combinations possible in the english language not involving the terms \"boat\", \"pashmina\", \"afghan\", \"flippie floppies\", \"burgers\", and \"OMG I LOVE *****\".

Just sayin'.

Also renee-ne-ne-na-na-na-nanner-booboo has a concave chest. Women that would burst out of an XL size women's tee generally have had to get some experience in finding clothes that fit and wouldn't be \"trying\" the \"guys\' small\". Also they're used to not having to point out they have large breasts for no apparent reason as people tend to notice without prompting.

And to pre-answer any questions you may have, no, I am not bitter about my failure to currently be located on a buoyant construction, nor do I have any objects lodged in my rectum causing me to act with such resentment.

I'm typing this from a boat.

Tee wrote
I'm buying this for my boyfriend. He's in the Navy and deploying soon. Hahaha.

the real T-Pain wrote
i got my swim trunks and my flippie floppies...

I'm on a boat and its goin fast and I got a nautical themed pashmina afgahn...

Desertman123 wrote

iBoattt wrote
I just got this shirt, and it's coming in the mail. Can't wait to wear it on my Rinker (it's a kind of boat). And yes I do actually have a boat...

Christine wrote
Hahah man my friend and I wanna get this shirt! If you don't like the shirt, song, or artist, then don't comment on it. >__> "Douche bag" ;)

jeremy windrim (lotucus_of_borg@hotmail.com) wrote
wow what an over quoted song... theres proof right there ^^
anybody who says the things lonely island made up automatically thinks their funny... hmm, whoever buys this shirt is a douche bag

Imonamfoboat wrote
luv the song and shirt cuz..IM ON BOAT

andysamberglover wrote
omg love the shirt and song =]]

take a picture trick im on a boat bitch


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