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Samstrich T-Shirt
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• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

leahpea wrote
My first thought was Sam from Lord of the Rings on an ostrich! cool. I know it's not him but think how much quicker they would have gotten to Mordor!!

Nunzio wrote

I've a "Samstrich" t-shirt and I like the design so much that I'd love to have a print...I just know that the author is cehhesebot, can you give me some more info?

Thanks! :)

awesome-o wrote
its Joust. the old arcade game from the 80's.

grrr.. wrote
i was thinking chocobo from final fantasy when i saw this shirt

Sarah wrote
Just got this shirt in orange. It's super awesome. :D

Jake wrote
this shirt it beast! I got it a week ago and i'm wearing it now.

dude wrote
who wouldnt want to ride an ostrich? this is possibly the most swift design on the site... cheers to cehhesbot

Connor wrote
I get so many comments on this shirt. A lot of "WTF's". I shrug too. Gets a quick laugh haha.

Catyra wrote
reminds me of a male gnome on his mount in world of warcraft ^^

Lena wrote
I'm pretty much in love with this shirt! :D

derpderp wrote
this look like they took it from the game Joust. I love it.

jam wrote
it's from "nausicaa of the valley of the wind", a studio ghibli anime movie

Christina wrote
What size do I get if I'm around 165cm and skinny? I'm a girl by the way

max wrote
i also thought at moebius first..

rrgegre tuuititu (sfdkjhfk@khfdfhjg.com) wrote
looks like a moebius or geoff darrow drawing. pretty decent.

Anthony Alarcon (hiredshogun@gmail.com) wrote

Ben wrote
bought it
love it

Jessssssie wrote
pretty dope.

cehhesebot wrote
Sorry to disappoint everyone but I made this guy up from my own brain. I didn't mean to copy Nausicaa or Joust but I am a fan of both so maybe it just came out unconsciously. Thanks for the compliments!

Ryan McFarlane wrote
I have a picture of me wearing this when I went to see David Cross at a book signing. The only thing he said to me was "I like your shirt." so the creator has the approval of probably the funniest stand-up comic alive. "We did it!"



Kim wrote
I think this is Master Yupa from Nausicaa of the Valley of The Wind, or at least someone very similar.

Radarman wrote
How'd you like to ride that into battle?

kelsey wrote
Have a feeling its from Joust, children ;)

Siouxsie wrote
I got this shirt in my random mystery shirt order, I absolutely love it. All the shirts I got fit pretty snugly, especially around the neck.

mexmark wrote
anyone know how the shirts from this site fit? i dont like it when t shirts are loose around the waist, im really slim and i like for them to fit more on the tight side

rob wrote
absolutely joust

1985 wrote

Adam Mast (mast.adam@yahoo.com) wrote
thats freakin cool

squidboy490 wrote
Or maybe from Wizards?

Pointblank wrote
It's an anime movie, but I forget what it was called. I think it's Nausicaa.

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