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Zombie Rights Movement T-Shirt
Zombies are people too! Design by abenedict86.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

joaquin_gonzalez00@yahoo.com wrote
Is a large a regular large? Are regular is 31 in width and 22 in length.

Kris wrote
I like the design but I wish the sizes and the red color were true, my shirt is bright red and huge :(

Aeritath wrote
Just ordered this shirt, can't wait for it to get here! I

Does this look good on a guys small? Or does the print look too small on the kinda of big tee?

Kelley wrote
@Samantha: I thought the same thing and that's why I love it so much!

Katie wrote
The shipping was really fast but the red is not the same color they show in the picture....it's RED red. All in all I like it

Nora wrote
Dude. You need the women's shirts in more colors. I mean c'mon, a zombie shirt in "soft pink" or "light lemon"

Sarah wrote
I got this shirt in yellow and it looks great. I love how big the design is too. :D

Zombie Punk wrote
@ jj two tone
Shut the fuck up you arrogant cunt

jj two tone wrote
murder tits, you must be fat. titties ain't shit but sacks of fat! and if you really want to know what i think...

jiff pb wrote

murder.tits wrote
I love the designs..but the girl's shirts should really have a size up..i got DDD's and have to get my shirts like two sizes bigger than what i would wear otherwise...

nOObie_sauce wrote
they should make thise shirts in youth sizes! I hate wearing girl's tees and guys tees are too big for me =( PLEEEEEEEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Zombielover wrote
Stop comparing this shirt to ZombieLand. Im going to buy this shirt its awesome

Wendy wrote
Got this in (deep) red. I love it!

Zombicidal Maniac wrote
Lolzy just got mine in the mail Siiiiick shirts here

cheshirecatx wrote
hmm i think "all we wanna do is eat your brains" speaks volumes as to what the zombies reeaally want ;)

Death to zed wrote
I agree zombies should not have rights but insted should be killed on the spot with firearms or an object of great mass such as a piano, car, or even sword.

The Zombie Rapist wrote
Zombies do not deserve their rights. They deserve a shot to the head with a shotgun of course. Zombies are also quite detrimental to the environment and to house hold appliances you may have broken over their heads. P.S. never have sex with a zombie.

Lii wrote
American Zombie! the MOviee!!!!!! This is what this shirt reminds me of.

Barbara wrote
Yeah-Hurray I found the shirt thats speaks out what I was thinking =)

Alex wrote
Pretty funny.

Wakor wrote
Love this site, totally getting this shirt!

Samantha wrote
Man, I want to get this shirt to support the book Breathers.
I'm guessing that this person must've read the book.

Salman Siddiqi (siddiqisalman6@gmail.com) wrote
Funny they get the brains then demand rights.

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