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45 Stereo Adapter T-Shirt
Easily adaptable to any style.

• Professionally printed silkscreen.
• 100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
• Ships within 2 business days.
• Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

Judy Blye wrote
Cute shirt, I knew what is was right away. I am of the 60's and 70's generation.

Tara wrote
This would look awesome on a hoodie.

butt wrote

Basslord wrote
Back in the Day Disc Jockeys Called it an Ariola ! fact

rump randy wrote
Shop? You mean you can BUY these things?

scot wrote
The shirt is of good quality, but the design is too small.
The model wearing the sirt must have the world's smallest chest.

Sarah Vanderworker wrote
Received this in the mystery 10 pack in navy blue :)

Tara Gruber wrote
I love this shirt. I got one and it looks great.

barrack obama wrote
if it were my dick used, it wouldnt fit on a shirt

johntheboner wrote
45s. Pah! we had 78s and 16s.

John wrote
I'm Interested, but concerned. I see in one picture the wheel of dicks is pointing clockwise, and the other it's pointing counter-clockwise?
Is there anyways I can find out which direction my wheel of dicks will be pointing before I pay for it?

asdf wrote
Fuck you dickheads mail, karl, and brian. You want a cookie?

VonFink wrote
I was surprised that the design is a little small on the shirt.

Devin wrote
Good ol' 45's.
Time to order this and celebrate with a 45 listening session when it gets in!

ButtplugDan wrote
It's three penises playing a game of "musical chairs" to see who gets to plug that hole in the centre... I win!

Weel Of Dicks wrote
This looks nothing like me..

Mike wrote
Dammit I just bought this shirt, and now all I see is a wheel of dicks. Thanks Chris...

Mongrel wrote
Why the fuck would you buy a shirt with a symbol that you don\'t recognize? Not only that, it tells you what it is right above the shirt..

wow wrote
....................................a wheel of dicks????

Michael wrote
I thought it was a disc from a tracer gun...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tracer_gun

Mail wrote
I feel genuinely sorry for and laugh at those who do not get what this shirt design is.

Karl wrote
It's a 45' vinyl clip you young dumb faggot.

Shane wrote
I call this my magic shirt because it makes old come and talk to me about music.

Brian wrote
I like Sarah and Kayla! But even my son knows what this is. You guys are a bunch of losers!

shekky wrote
please please please make this in a hoody! not a zip hoody but a pullover!

julesie wrote
It was also Third Eye Blind\'s logo for a while.

Scott Baio wrote
We used these at Arnolds !

maybe wrote
im getting old, but can you still buy these somewhere? where are my glasses?

Kurt Cobain wrote
a 45 RPM adapter. A symbol for a music enthusiast. I would know. I'm Kurt Cobain

zweezy wrote
this is the stereo sound agency logo

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