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Uncle Corpse T-Shirt
We want YOU! Well we want your bones at least.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Thomas Gasser wrote
Great deal !

Uncle Slam wrote
Got this shirt. Looks great on heather gray. My go to shirt when I want to make my coworkers uncomfortable.

mick wrote
like this design , would buy it if it came in black

Mr. NSA wrote
@Kill America
@Mr. Terrorist

what\'s up guys? Whatcha talkin' 'bout?

OiO wrote
I'd expect this shirt to be worn by someone that would say something along the lines of, "Ignorant sheeple! Watch Zeitgeist, it'll change your life! Wake up! Ron Paul 2016!"

Deep symbolization. America's ways of freedom are dead, and the government is like a zombie to the illuminati.

Rozzta wrote
Hey, can anyone explain this shirt to me? im guessing it means go to the army and die...? could be wrong i dont wana buy without knowing what it is

under7stars wrote

Denisa wrote
I totally agree, bigger designs would be awesome!!!! I'd be willing to pay a couple bucks more for a bigger design.

zak wrote
I really wish the designs were bigger guys, i'd totally buy more shirts.

CDF wrote
I dunno if I'd want this one. The silly Deadheads might take it as a Grateful Dead reference. "Whoa! Cool shirt, dewd!"

arturioso wrote
@Mr. Revolution
I was thinking the same thing, man. But I'm sure they didn't think that far into it. Maybe a simple "this is on a dollar bill, our shirts are cheap, let's put it on every page" sort of thing

Mr. Revolution wrote
yo wats good wit tha annuit coeptis triangle icon next to every t-shirt .. questionable bro!

John Slaney (john_slaney@rocketmail.com) wrote
I like it. Simple design, open to interpretation, likely to cause some discomfort or elicit some scornful glances . . . Good all-around.

Bruce Springsteen wrote
My music is good and i am the only boss you should listen to

Crass wrote
Uncle Scam should of always looked like this from the beginning. Death coming to your door to steal food from off your table.

Mr. Terrorist wrote
@ Kill America. we are friends now.

screw uncle sam

Uncle Sam wrote
I WANT YOU....r mother

Uncle Sam wrote
Uncle Sam wants you to wear that t-shirt!

Derp! wrote
Fap fap fap fap fap fap!

ass licker wrote
wat if it said "i want your mom!"

ef wrote
yea ef the gov!
(by the way i dont believe in god, marraige, taxes)
i bought this shit

YEAYA wrote
I want you for the american army :P

we are teh infidels wrote
Uncle sam was a guy who sold beef in barrels to teh gubment in war of 1812. barrels were labled U.S. so, de peeps of de time started that uncle sam shit. The image came later. R U zombies too OD'd on shits and giggles to know how to learn or remember. REMEMBER, UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU TO KILL CIVILIANS AND DIE TO FILL HIS WALLET!

Zombie man wrote
when's the new zombie war.....
2012, when the dead rise, zombie Sam's not work for US any more...
(just kidding love the Tee)

Proud American wrote
Uncle sam is Real !
He is a BAMF !!!!

Uncle Sam wrote

captain awesome wrote
do they call that guy uncle stan?

Bruce Campbell wrote
Thats right Uncle Sam is none other then Sam Raimi

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