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Tuxedo T-Shirt
Perfect formal digs for bachelor parties, weddings or any occasion. Tux tees rule! Multiple colors available for guys, girls, kids and babies.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Toby D wrote
Our baseball and softball teams wear them for games. They look badass

Bryce rigby wrote
Thank people

Scotty Sizzlechest wrote
Hmmm, $100 for a tux rental, or $6 for this shirt that I DON'T have to return after cousin Billy-Bob's wedding/hoedown? Yeah, I scrape up dead critters along side of the highway for a living, I guess you can figure out this one.

Pat wrote
great shirts you need a derby day shirt I will buy!

Gavin Corral wrote
Im a queer

bc wrote
Why don't you have a white shirt for youth?????????

cum on a boat wrote
I\'m gonna wear this shit to homecoming

Sara wrote
My daughter's princess tea party is coming up. My husband and two sons will wear tux tshirts to "dress up" for the party. Unfortunately this website didn't have a 2T size for my youngest.

Stan the MAN wrote
Bought the $50- special of 10 shirts.
I can't complain about one of them.
They bring lots of GOOD comments, and
so far no fading, ect.

Wendy macasieb wrote
What an awesome company! I can't believe the quality if this shirt and the incredible customer service! I needed these quickly and not only did they respond to my email but they made sure they shipped that day! Perfect for my mother's 70th birthday Hollywood red carpet party @ the beach! Thanks Laci!

poop wrote

Honesto Fenol wrote
No more miserable neckties that choke you.
Nothing against ties.

cindy wrote
i am buying this for a friend.
should I buy it a size bigger since it is 100% cotton?

Celest jennings wrote
This shirt is awesome!!!!

alisha mitchum wrote
We are getting married in these, and our kids will be wearing them too! Can't wait!

hey lady wrote
loved the shirts used them for a catering job, looked good and was amazed at the quality for the price.lote of compliments.

Hartman Poitier wrote
wow an awesome shirt for only $6 why doesn't anyone else know about this website/store

Shailee Glace wrote
Were using these for our groomsmen in our wedding. :) love em

Anne-Marie Falano wrote
Art Garfunkel wore this first!


Jesus wrote
Calm down guys! Me and my pop have this shirt. It's all cool.

readallcomments wrote
my life is pathetic

Linda wrote

James wrote
There needs to be a bright orange tuxedo shirt to go with the light blue one.

Takashi wrote
anybody know if these shirts fade away quick? or how good of quality they are. they look really cool i ordered some.

strait girl attending a lesbian wedding wrote
My friends are getting hitched and i got an invite. we have all agreed that i (the one of few strait women attending) should bust out the tux shirt. im all for it but should i wait till the reception to put it on?

tyler huffman wrote
a white tuxedo with kelly green tie

Hm.. wrote
Pretty sure I saw someone wear this on Tosh.0

Wtf wrote
It's a tuxedo t shirt how did it turn it to a debate about religion

Sauce Bawss wrote
These shirts are so awesome i just got my tuxedo shirt and it fits like a bawss...... Definitely recommended getting these shirts to my friend.

Best Man wrote
I like these t-shirts, which is what this site sells btw. Will be buying them for my cousin\'s night of drunken debauchery....

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