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I Want the Gold T-Shirt
This is an amateur sketch of what the leprechaun might look like.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Kristine wrote
I also watch this every year! It makes me tear up from laughing so hard! This shirt is a MUST for me, that's fo sho! Cheers to Mobile! ;)

Jesus wrote

sofapizza wrote
I got this shirt almost a year ago. still looks and fits great! (ladies size S)

Charlie Goulet wrote
If it didn\'t have the words I would definitely get it

Cassidy wrote
Please change this shirt to say "I want da gold" and I will definitely buy it!

el Bo wrote
This made the news out here in Lala Land... CLASSIC. (Our regional specialty leans toward Madonnas in windows and waterstains.

FJ wrote
Who all seen the leprechaun say YEAH!! Yeahhhhhh!

Mervin wrote
"Its probably a crack head who got a hold of the wrong stuff"

matt wrote
Coulda been a crack head

Alexander Brown wrote
There has to be one made with "Could be a crackhead!"

Mike wrote
I've got a magic (scaffolding joint) flute too, I will call the leprechaun!
(But not that nasty evil movie Leprechaun, his good cousin!)

jason senffner wrote
My friends and I watch it every year. We are all getting shirts. $5 a piece, you can't go wrong. Can we get another one with the "flute that casts off lephrchauns", or the little wayne look alike that wants to uproot the tree?

Concerned Citizen wrote
Dis iz a shirt foh uh crak head!!

The black guy who wants da gold wrote
I think i found da gold!

liz wrote
no NO why couldn't you have made it say "I WANNA KNOW WHERE THE GOLD AT."

i would have paid way more than six bucks for that.

Mobile,Alabama wrote
God, i love my hometown =D

God wrote
Hahahahahahahahaha I NEED THIS SHIRT

zac wrote
imma get me a backhoe and uproot this here tree

Emily wrote
People actually know who that is?! Man I thought it only got to Mobilians. (BTW it was right outside my school. He's the town's crazy midget)

Alex wrote
I wanna know where da gold at!

Aimee wrote
I wanna know where da gold?!

r1turner@bellsouth.net wrote
Dancing a Jig

scott wrote
hell yeah!!! i just wana know where the golds @!!!!!!

you know wrote
Imma get a backhoe and uproot that tree. I wanna know where da gold at. I want the gold.

this shirt made my day no doubt

Bonjazu wrote
LOL I great. I live 30mins from Mobile. Remember seeing it on the local news. And yes, I went to see the leprachaun... and its there.

Jc wrote

Sarah wrote
God, this shirt makes me embarrassed to be from Mobile.

kevin wrote

Bajingo wrote
I want this!! I also want that gold!

Marcus Dombroski (marcusdombroski@yahoo.com) wrote
Everybody that seen the leprachaun say Yea!
Yeaaa!!!!! Bhahaha
rotfl XD
Im from Mobile. And Im proud of our leprachaun!

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