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Om T-Shirt
Throw this on and go into a meditative state. Ommmm.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

aww shucks wrote
I'm dying laughing at the person who thought this is a fancy 3!

Tristan wrote
does anyone know where these shirts are made? Not designed/printed...MADE. Thanks.

Nikie wrote
wow guys cmon...the people who work for $6shirts really dont needs this kind of stuff in the comments section...

achilles wrote
Actually nepal sucks... like REALLY sucks....

wtf wrote
relax people. it's a t-shirt. don't like it, or what it says/means/etc? MOVE ON.

Ugh wrote
From what it seems, not many people have the slightest idea as to what om means. It means 'generosity'. One of the six perfections in the mantra "om mani padme hum". It's in Devanagari, which is Hindi/Nepali Sanskrit. Chanting this is meant to purify pride/ego and symbolizes wisdom. If you're going to try and pretend to be educated and cultured, at least do a little bit of research please.

Interesting 3 shirt wrote
The number 3 looks weird. That curve makes it look like a sideways pacifier. This is the first time I\'ve seen a number designed like this.

Mike C. wrote
Love this shirt...would love to see a white Om on a black tee.

mark wrote
This says ”water” in Arabic...

Alex wrote
Just a question, it's supposed to be patchy like that? The symbol, that is, on the shirt.. it's like the black stuff was ironed on and is now peeling off. If it's supposed to be like that then tell me because I'm unsure, thanks!

Clever Tim wrote
You know for devout buddhists you people are all really angry towards each other.. on your computers..

m wrote
@m40 way to disregard an entire culture. Sure, you might as well be saying "hummmmm". Point is, the deep meditation of indian culture enlightened many people. And these people were uneducated? You need to do more research before you spout ignorant bullshit. At least then you won't sound like a troll. Nobody likes a troll.

jennifer longhofer wrote
ummmm....actually OM ,means spirit within., In Buddhist practice..the Buddha says don't believe what I say ,just try it.. We all have to look inside ourself, all the answes are there,, i may be wrong but from my study, that is the meaning..spirit within,, which we all have

123 wrote
Om is actually a a graphical representation of the Hindu and Buddhist religion's(both tangents/children of the Tantric line of beliefs) idea of all states of being and the existence and separation of our state of being and the Ideal/perfect state of being ... like the western religion's(Judaism, Christianity and Islam specifically) idea of life giving way to a heaven (like the cross, but with it's own mythos) ... it's a simple reminder that we are all striving to be better than we are now at any given point in our existence ... and that even though perfection is unattainable, it does exist and should always be sought.

Atticuss_ wrote

RAschhheLLL wrote

Kathy. ;D wrote

some super awesome chick wrote
you're all idiots

tom wrote
its a name for allah, dont know why LSD users like it.

some asshole wrote
Maybe Bubba was a clever satire, maybe not, but the stammering line was hilarious either way.

Youknowme wrote
Around here, it's the sign for all the bug LSD users who've become all spiritual because of the drug.

Samantha Browne (samroflcopter@hotmail.com) wrote
this is ahh, silly.
to say the least.

M40 wrote
Ommm... is a sound that ancient, uneducated people mistakenly decided was the "sound of the expanding universe". For the past 50 years or so, we've known that the true sound of the expanding universe is that sound you get when you're between stations on the radio. It's sort of a long, guttural 'Ssshhhhhhhhhh' sound.

This is in fact the one TRUE path to peace. To all you people arguing over your various outdated religious nonsense... SSSSHHHHHHHHHH! This can also be pronounced, "Sshhhhhhhuuuuut Uuuuup". In fact, if more people in the world today practiced 'Ssshhhhhhhh', we'd probably have world peace.

Imagine a world where politicians, lawyers, kings, tin-pot dictators, and other self-aggrandizing douchebags abided by the universal rule of SSSSHHHHHHHH.

some asshole wrote
There is no "correct" spelling of ohm. I think bubbas kinda funny though. With freedom of expression you have to deal with some ignorance.

mitch wrote
i love sex and french fries in my rectum

L wrote
Shirt hungry? I'm just hungry. Also, I think Bubba was making fun of ignorant rednecks. Look at the name he used, and he typed the generic ignorant redneck dialect perfectly. Not how a redneck would type it, but how they would say it. By the way, I loved the 'Why worship someone who stammers' line.

Aaron Shazam wrote
all this AUM discussion is making me shirt hungry ;D

Ninja wrote
all of you are wrong it means that pregnant fish are called twits...end of discussion

Om_Gurl wrote
I have this tattoo, so I have to get the shirt to match! XD

Len Howard wrote
I haven\'t had as much fun reading anything on face book in years., (Bubba not withstanding). I had to laugh a bit when the discussion centerd around the spelling of \":Namaste\" Since Sanscrit uses an entirely different alphabet and symbol structure, you may spell it any damn way you like and it will be just fine. \"Don\'t mistake the pointing finger for the moon\" And yes, it is used ,along with a bow, in recognition of the divinity of the other person. It is the first act of selflessness, the first step toward enlightenment. As for the Aum, it is, as several of you stated, the sound to which the Universe vibrates , heard at the hight of conciousness. I have worn one around my neck for over 40 years. The best things about reading all the posts, was the obviously positive feelings of most of you. By reading what you have written, I feel the comfort of knowing I am not alone and , in fact, the Aum means as much to you as it does to me.

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