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Coexist T-Shirt
Understanding, love and peace among all religions.

• Professionally printed silkscreen.
• 100% cotton tee (heathers poly-cotton).
• Ships within 2 business days.
• Designed and printed in the USA.

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What Others Are Saying

emma wrote
God damn. it's just a shirt, people.

lsaacbee3@gmail.com wrote
I want to know whether you can have blank tee shirts for sale?am looking for

blank tee shirts with no screen printing.Break down are the colors am looking


Brand ::Gildan
Size ::Adult Small
Color ::750 Dark Heather and 750 Sapphire
::50/50 % Cotton/Polyester
Qtys ::1500
I want you to email me back with the prices and also do you ship throughout
the US.

Best Regards.

Tristan wrote
we've been co-existing for centuries, hasn't worked out well at all.

Alex wrote
The 'e' in 'E=mc^2' is a capital letter, lowercase 'e' means something completely different...

Alec wrote
Perfect shirt for your overly-religious friend who is beginning to get on your nerves. (Love you Derek!)

sammi wrote
this shirt is really cool!

Jah wrote
Ironic are the judgements here. Things like this tend to anger the self interested judgmental narcissists and sociopaths.

Amused Customer wrote
I find it infinitely amusing that the people that preach the \"coexist\" message are at the same time so hostile towards Christianity. Before you jump all over me, I\'m atheist. Don\'t have to be a Christian to despise hypocrisy.

Charles wrote
Very cool shirt and to Alexzandir no need to jump down some one throat I thought it was a pentagram as well and all in all there is not that big of a difference either with out the circle or with the circle and upside down

Rebeccah wrote
I love this, but I wish it included other religious symbols, maybe formed around it or something. Making more words.
Also, @Alexzandir, that's a Jewish star, since it has six points. The Wiccan septagram has seven. The pentagram was actually originally Christian. Anyway, when did science become a religion? All you extremist Atheists need to stop getting sticks up your asses, believing in God or anything else doesn't automatically make you stupid. Science and some religion (including Christianity) are compatible. If you don't like it, go back to school. To the other "accepting" Atheists, we love you.

Diane wrote
Ah, the energy of the times! As even in this commentary on a tshirt, we cant even coexist, we are all fighting about religion and politics. In the old days, my grandmother and even mother those were 2 subjects they advised not to talk about, now that is all we talk about.

luna wrote
Never heard of a koran.....

Matt wrote
People can be religious without rejecting science. Trying to make the two mutually exclusive is something many athiests appear to do to make themselves feel smarter than they actually are.

Lumiere wrote
This is quite a meaningful t-shirt and it's officially my favorite. I wear it out at least once a week and I'M LOVING IT! love how it fits perfectly and the message it brings across- COEXIST. it not only refers to religion but humans in general, we should all coexist with one another regardless of race, language or religion.

by the way, May The 4th Be With You.

Susan wrote
The e=mc2 is for those of us who believe in science instead of god, Mister Coexister.

li wrote

5282786 wrote
The Koran would probably need to be edited for this to be more than a hopeful fiction. I hope people can hopefully coexist in peace, but letting old ideologies become history would probably help.

Mister Coexister wrote
E=MC squared? Did "Einsteinism" become a religion suddenly?

This shirt is for stupid people.

Eugene "Bull" Connor wrote
Damn hippies

who? what? wrote
hey are these t-shirts modern fit or regular fit?

Voice of Reason wrote
"Coexist." We don't need a shirt for this; it should go without saying.

The people who already do coexist with each other -- like you and me -- don't need a shirt telling them to.

And take the people who are bent on not coexisting -- like the Tsarnaev brothers. Do you really think they would have cancelled their bomb plot, if only they had seen someone wearing a "Coexist" shirt?

well wrote
Some of you people are idiots, this shirt is not just about the religions on it. If you put every symbol of every religion on here it would not spell coexist now would it?

jeev wrote
Why are Hinduism and Buddhism, the 3rd and 4th largest religions in the world respectively, missing from the 'coexist' symbol?

And, Hinduism is essentially Monist, which also allows for Pantheism, Monotheism, Polytheism and Atheism amongst others.

Sarah Vanderworker wrote
Bought this for my HS aged daughter ( go it in a guys tee to save a buck, still looked awesome!) Got it in kelly green, size was spot on and design was awesome. Tee was soft and strong :)

SpectreWriter wrote
Cheesecake is markedly misinformed and apparently reads both selectively and out of context.
The CONTEXT was that Mohammed's followers were being attacked by polytheists while they bowed down to prey, IN VIOLATION OF THE PEACE TREATY MADE. That is exactly and specifically who is meant by "infidels" (the word meaning those who break their word, don't keep FIDELITY, not non-believers. For that matter, Christians are called "People of the Book" -- the same Book/story/God). The quote, in context of ongoing attacks during prayer is "Slay the infidels wherever you may find them," and this is where most people stop. But the REST of the sentence is "But if they leave you in peace, then leave them in peace." The same chapter goes on to say that prisoners must be kept as well as their own, released when the warring is over... Don't believe the BS you're being fed. COEXIST!

cheesecakes wrote
the religion of Islam is not interested in 'coexisting', they want to kill you or convert you. read the Qur'an. Other religions arent interesting in coexisting but out competing the other religions.

danny wrote
Truth > Coexist

FRANK teh Tank wrote

Brennan wrote
Agreed, LucidSketch; it's quite sad. Keep it respectful, ladies and gents! Think I'm going to get this one.

LucidSketch wrote
Funny how people start name-calling in the comments section, to a t-shirt representing co-existence.

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