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Fight Anorexia T-Shirt
You don't have to eat to fight anorexia, just whip out your sword.

Professionally printed silkscreen
High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
Ships within 2 business days
Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

Alex wrote
Noooo- bring it back!

My old one got ruined, I need a new one. :(

kwiryerbitchen wrote
This shirt is great. Because the art used on the shirt isnt anorexia, it's those medieval-time demon/sin/skeleton death pictures xD. HI-LARIOUSSSS. It's a shirt so stop whininnnnnnng LOL (:

.... wrote
...Anorexia is a disease, you twatwaffle...

Schlon Don wrote
Super hilarity. I should wear this to fashion week in N.Y. "**ck em just to see the look on their face."

Erin Wassing wrote
I've never been anorexic, but because I only wiegh 103 lbs, people assume I am. It's not disrespectful, chill out. It's hillarious. Stop being so annoying.

total awesome wrote
this shirt is fantastic haha and for all those dont be so weak to where you cant see the humor of the image in the shirt

Sam Jackson wrote
@cheyenne... if you stop cutting yourself that's nothing to be proud of... you're stupid for ever doing it to begin with. i've lived almost 27 years without cutting myself. quit copping out and calling cutting and anorexia "diseases" and grow up yourself.

sean wrote
you guys are retarded. Half of you guys with anorexia or who say they have- im sure you laugh at all the other T-Shirts that are offensive to others; SO shutup

me wrote
What the bleep is anorexia?

Cheyenne wrote
To all of you guys thinking it's funny for obese people to wear Anorexia shirts, I have lost all respect for you. Anorexia should not be joked about in any way. I'm only fourteen years old and not too long ago beat the battle with Anorexia Type 1 and cutting. This is extremely disrespectful to anyone with the disease. Grow up.

Annie wrote
I love this. Once I finally beat my eating disorder, maybe i'll get it to show the world "f-yeah, i've beaten it!"

taylor wrote
ummm....I'm anorexic.. and this is kind of offensive.

Menuet wrote
I am anorexic, and find this shirt absolutely tasteless and hilarious.

I am buying mine now.

Joe wrote
Wish the font was better .

Janessa wrote
Are Holbein prints really free game for anyone to use?

Also: The emaciated figure is actually Death trying to claim the life of the soldier.
Probably more punny than you thought, eh?

Kevin wrote
It's more of a joke on the picture of the bubonic plague rather than insinuating to fight anorexia by eating too much, so I think it'd be hilarious even on a skinny person.

Mad Hatter wrote
This should have a picture of Lohan on it

hhhhh wrote
this shirt is disrespectful

Adin wrote
Does anyone else notice that that is Slenderman?

decon duper (duper@yahoo.com) wrote
funny shirt, haha

em wrote
I actually did beat anorexia, would it be in bad taste (ha, \"taste\") to wear this shirt?

Hands on keyboard wrote

Willow wrote
I've been both fat and skinny, I'm in the medium atm, print is great, Food is better, BUY the shirt!

Kirklee B wrote
To begin with, I am an overweight young man. I've always been regarded as quite a comic presence. For which case I would wear this shirt with pride! Not only because I DO fight Anorexia on a daily basis! I almost wish I had anorexia, if not only for a couple of years, or until I meet a "significant other"! I want it, I've never minded myself, using myself to get a smile out of others. Sooo why would I stop now? Us fat people are supossed to be HILARIOUS!!! 8-D WE, are another reason Walmart is so profitable of a shopping environment?! Anorexia must suck in reality, as I LOOOVE good food! No matter it's nationality...that merely widens one's pallet.

ohai shirt buyer wrote
YES. I purchased this shirt cause I'm just a bit on the overweight side, but I'm still athletic.

Will be great to wear to school XD

lolwut wrote
that was my first thought as well @ ketchup

Ketchup wrote
Print looks a lot like Machine Head's album The Blackening

Erina wrote
Eve, youre such a party crasher.

Eve wrote
I have anorexia, but i want to get rid of it- i like the print (:

Michael Reynolds (project.twenty7@gmail.com) wrote
This and awesome design, through and through. :D

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