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My Pen Is Huge T-Shirt
Have you ever heard of the PEN15 Club?

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Available in multiple colors
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Someone. wrote
I'm a girl. Totally getting this.

what if its small.... wrote
hmmm i love the humor and the potential offensiveness it has BUT as far as size goes im uh about the total opposite of huge so im skeerd it may backfire?

Zach wrote
Got this shirt couple days ago I'm scared to show this off at school I can put up a good argument how it is appropriate for school

that one guy wrote
Some people find this offensive...But it just made my day! Totally getting it...

Pika wrote
Oh, I've heard of PEN15. LMAO

Pencilly wrote
(takes a bow)
Thank you...thank you.
I'll be here all wank.

Mortar wrote
I have to admit, I had to look at this a couple times, but then, enlightenment. Then I LMAO.

Sean Penn wrote
Ahhh, that\\\'s the ticket!

I think I can use this to get myself out of a tight spot.

Jeffrey Bossler wrote
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I just had to laugh and laugh and laugh again,,,,,,then buy it for an old friend of mine! :)

your name wrote
................ wow

x32EJΰhreEquinoxθ wrote
Hands down, a master, maybe a god here, but geez... If you all only knew mines the most massively huge! >:p

Guy wrote
The size of the pen is not as important as your pen-man-ship.

TessaAlexander26 wrote
Lots of specialists tell that personal loans aid a lot of people to live their own way, because they are able to feel free to buy necessary stuff. Moreover, some banks offer short term loan for young and old people.

Chuck Norris wrote
I approve

Just some girl wrote
Im def. buying this when I get paid!

Jaffa wrote
Chuck Norris' pen is bigger than yours

Anthony wrote
Norah, it clearly reads "My Pen Is Huge" Hence the picture of the pen. You just have a dirty mind.

Norah wrote
"my penis huge"? apparently those who brag about their penis size aren't concerned with proper grammar...

Your Mom wrote

Grazy crazi wrote
Yes ! I know your pen is a mighty weapon..wahaha

big willie wrote
this girl sitting next to me told me i have the biggest wang she has ever seen in her life her name is brianca smith and her number is 678 540 7812

chaoswolfy wrote
lol decent and a girl wearin this would soo be so much funnier

Jesse (obliviated@hotmail.com) wrote
I live in WA, (DRY, Away from flood) Thankfully

MANDY wrote
quite a toy, i might get it, the pen seem 9 inches or longerrr. lol

Samantha Browne (samroflcopter@hotmail.com) wrote

bad risk wrote
Hey Mr. Rai...can I borrow $5000 to by 1000 of these shirts? I'm a really good risk and my pen is huge.

Davey wrote
its funny cuz it can be read as penis! hahahahaha oh shit!

Gid Davis (gid_davis@yahoo.com) wrote
Every black person should get this shirt cause I am Haha

a girl wrote
it would be expecially funny if a girl got it not messed up. XD. thje person who designed this is a genius XD LMFAO

your left hand wrote
no that would actually make it kinda fucked up.

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