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What Is Updog T-Shirt
Have them asking "What's updog?" in no time.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

wiandiii wrote
I got this shirt in red in a mystery 10-pack. It was my least favorite of the bunch, but still an OK shirt.

Derp Herpinson wrote
It should be "Upsexy".

lordfirefox wrote
Almost as funny as a dikfore

mike wrote
This joke has been around alot longer than The Office....

Nice try kibbles.

Ripped abs... wrote
I'll have to ask my yoga instructor. She's always saying this right before sticking her butt up in the air.

janiice wrote
let me give u a scenario at a party, there r some people in on this joke, hey have u guys heard about that movie up dog, and the 1s in on it say oh yeah thats a really good movie, and theres always 1 to say what r u talking about this movie up dog u seen it u told me u have seen it, and it goes on alittle convinicing, until u say well why dont u ask chris about that movie, hey chris from across the room, yeah, what's up dog, then the whole room cracks up and the person that took the bait, very funny, i did this on video

Morgan wrote
Whats UPDOG?!
Nothing much! what about you?!

Derp wrote
Can you tell me what΄s updog?

duhrrrr! wrote
wouldnt it be OVERdog if it was supposed to be in relation to underdog? now go back to your porn

CawCKNOCKER17 wrote
Im going to buy this in Azalea because it makes my eyes look pretty

Charlie Petersson (sweethomelkpg@hotmail.com) wrote

Ted Buckland wrote
This was also on Scrubs:

Dr. Cox: We have enough brain power in here to light up a city! Not a real city, mind you, but definitely an ant city who's government has recently passed a series of stringent energy conservation laws...
Doug: *whispers to JD* 'stringent' what?
JD: 'stringent updog'! *whispers to Turk* it's happening...
Doug raises hand.
Dr. Cox: Yes! Nervous guy!
Doug: What's "updog"?

Come to think of it: it might actually have been "updoc", Scrubs being about doctors and all....

you wrote
up to my Pussy, i will put jelly in it.

arthur wrote
on my show we used the joke "that looks like a henway"

the answer to "what's a henway?" is "about 4 pounds"

Jesper Greve (jesper.greve@gmail.com) wrote
would have bought it if i lived in uk or usa.. ppl wont get it asthey will ask mein danish ;(

Cheese muffin wrote
The Office is hilarious!

Eve wrote
Hey Adam, you should call smilin' bob about your "Little Problem".

Adam wrote
Hey God, you look like a dikfore.

CD wrote

Jesus wrote
Dad, stop being an arrogant prick, you didn't make it up, Adam did. Don't deny it, he always had the brains.

God wrote
I made it up...

MItch Vogel wrote
FFS - The Office referenced a pre-existing kids' gag. It wasn't pretending to be original. They didn't make it up and no one in this thread made it up.

guy who watches too much TV wrote

old and crabby wrote
This joke was used when we walked in the snow to school. If you think it's new then always remember "The Simpsons did it" (what is THAT from?)

Rosie wrote

I HAVE to get this for my brother, hahaha xD

Kyna wrote
Friend: "Yo, what's updog?"
You: "Nothin' Much. You?"

I know a billion Asians that would beg to differ. wrote
Yes, the Updog joke was used on The Office, but that is not where the joke originated. I remember saying this in the first grade and that was like a billion years ago.

Lawl wrote
You smell like updog...

ethan zimmer (zimpah@yahoo.com) wrote
i concur, i was ordering tater tots when i first heard "hey, its smells like updog in here!" I haven't ordered tater tots since 1994

Leah wrote
Woah, woah, woah. Seriously guys?! This joke was from like the 90's. I remember saying it in the lunch line in like 4th grade. Waaaay before the office.

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