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Girl Scout Parody T-Shirt
Clearance tees cannot go towards the 10 for $50 discount deal.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

Sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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What Others Are Saying

Tim wrote
Bring it back and let us customize the number for our troop.

reid harward wrote
Is the typo "ironic"?

GrammarGuru wrote
The grammar is fine. The apostrophe in "cookie's" is used to create a contraction of "cookie is." It's an awesome shirt!

mel wrote
the shirt is awesome and the print stays great but the shirts I bought (all Gildan) all shrunk a lot in the dryer so next time I buy I will get a size bigger

Gary wrote
Grammar-picky,picky. Get a life.

jordmaniakk wrote
Jack wrote
"What's with the apostrophe? "Cookies" is what you're looking for"

Hahahahaha way to try to be a smart arse but come off as a plain arse. Nice style.

As is this tshirt. It fucking rocks!!

johannisburgensondurf wrote
fucking awesome

Cullen wrote
I'm a guy. I figured what the hell and bought one for myself. That's how cool it is.

Chris wrote
haha, ordering this one right now. My dad wears these silly military insignia shirts ALL the time, and this one will fit right in when he hangs with his air force buddies.
Love you, Dad!

shana the siamesekitty wrote
I love this shirt. I have washed it a million times already and it looks the same and did not shrink. Everytime I wear it people comment on it and like it. The size was perfect. Black shirts seem to be true to size. White shirts are a little smaller.

bugmom92 wrote
For the wanna-be grammar Nazis above: It is saying \"Your cookie IS about to crumble\" It is neither possessive, nor is it plural. It is a correct contraction.
OK, now to the shirt itself...it's awesome. (Note my use of another contraction, and my overuse of an ellipsis.) My 13 year old lifelong Girl Scout LOVES this shirt. I am ordering it for her today. (One of her favorite t-shirts in her closet is "Happiness is a mushroom cloud", so go figure.)

Karl wrote
The apostrophe also makes cookie possessive braniacs.

yo me wrote

Mel wrote
The apostrophe is correct. Cookie is = Cookie's (Your cookie is about to crumble / Your cookie's about to crumble)

HamletsPirate wrote
I'm a Girl Scout Leader and I bought I to wear ironically to cokie sales!

Travis wrote
@ Jack
Actually apostrophe "s" is correct as to say cookie + is = cookie's... basic grammar

Jack wrote
What's with the apostrophe? "Cookies" is what you're looking for.

miguel wrote
nice t-shirt. by the way , . do you ship these shirts globally? iīm portuguese.

now that iīm at it , your designs kick ass!

Kelly wrote
My husband bought me this shirt. it's my new favorite t-shirt.

Malana Jobe (malana0116@yahoo.com) wrote
Love these shirts...i just wanted to buy the one that had been subitted that said "That;s how I roll bitches" and could not find how to order it. If the quality is as good as others say it is, I will definatley be buying more!!

matt wrote
Please for the love of god remove the text and just leave that awesome picture...i will buy that shirt in a hot minute. thank you

Tissue wrote
You can pick your own shirts. The 9 shirts below it are suggestions and really just to let you know that there is a discount available when you buy 10 shirts.

mellisa wrote
ace stuff do i have to get the other 9 u suggest or can i pick my own?

Will wrote
This shirt is badass. I just wish some changes could be made

Jeff Marty (Transmetropolitan1986@gmail.com) wrote
This shirt looks like a winner. I mean, you've got the Girl Scout Image and the Grim Reaper on one shirt. Silly and Hysterical. :)

Dimitri wrote
Ha! I knew it!

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