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Peace Bomber T-Shirt
Make explosions of peace, and that is all.

• Professionally printed silkscreen
• High-quality, 100% cotton tee.
• Ships within 2 business days
• Designed and printed in the USA

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What Others Are Saying

Josh wrote
Give war a chance.

Jaymak wrote
Good art inspires a feast of words.

This is one of the best designs on this site. Quiet simplicity and impact. Conceived and then executed perfectly, the grunge effect adds the final touch. Receives compliments and...curiosity.

Reorder Note: Don't clean with bleach while wearing a black shirt.

mel_brooks wrote
This is supposed to be a B52 I take it, and if so, its missing 6 engines. Just saying.
To any semi-trained eye it looks very odd.

Airbrush_Ken wrote
I bought a metal badge of the same design in Vietnam while on "Stand Down" in the rear, 1970, Camp Eagle, home of the 101st Airborne. It was about No Peace using 500-1,000 pound bombs.. The outer circle had a small section missing!

Never heard of the snow plow trick!

Libertarian wrote
Good god people, this shirt isn't in favor of war! Well, I suppose it is up to interpretation, but it seems to me that it is mocking the modern interventionist policy of employing force to resolve (or at times create) conflicts over seas in which Americans have no right to interfere. You make a fool of yourself if you wear this in support of unnecessary, unethical, and unwarranted intervention.

A Fool wrote
It's the N and the D from semaphore, for Nuclear Disarmament.

Darrell peace wrote
Very cool

nyoom wrote
this shirt is fantastic in green like woah

Noel Grimmett wrote
Peace babies, or we will bomb the hell out of you.

Monher wrote
Just bought one! Peace through strength people!

Andrew Starling wrote
Snake? Snaaaake!

Xero wrote
Mouler is right. I've also read that it is the old semaphore symbol for "lower arms", "arms down" which equates to "disarm."

Sgt Buzzkill wrote
This is also a total ripoff of a Cracked magazine comic from the mid-1970's that had a disgruntled runway snow plow operator on an Air Force base "clearing" a snow-bound squadron of B-52's - he plowed a perfect circle around each one as shown in the t-shirt...

jasper wrote
I really wish they had this on a sweater.
I would definitely buy it if they did.
In fact, I'm kinda disappointed that it isn't

Justin wrote
shirts are made to wear
graphic shirts have a purpose

i think this is a sweet design, idk what i think of the idea though....

yogi wrote
it is just a shirt! wtf

Jerry wrote
The only terrorists in America is the American government. They deliberately plan and start wars for their own purpose, not to help its people.

Viet wrote
reminds me of the MSF from Peace Walker

Ha wrote
"I agree with Bassler, 9/11 was an inside job. I saw the zeitgeist movie."

You GOTTA be a troll. Zeitgeist is the biggest load of bologna on the face of the Earth.

VonFink wrote
I bought this shirt. It looks even better in real life. The design is HUGE on the shirt. I may have to buy this in some additional colors.

Tom wrote

Political Scientist wrote
Yay, college dropouts and basement dwellers talking about politics. This must be what it's like for football coaches who hear what all the armchair experts have to say when they lose a game. Lack of qualification never stopped people from having stupid opinions.

Nice shirt, though.

God is love... wrote
I like the other side.

Gurthang wrote
Make in Desert Tan. Will wear under plate carrier.

CoffeeStrong wrote

Nice try, smart guy. Before its "invention" by an anti-nuke graphic artist the so-called peace symbol was the unit marking for the 3rd Panzer Division. As in WWII. As in Nazis.

LOL wrote
\"9/11 was an inside job. I saw the zeitgeist movie.\" HAHAHA zeitgeist is nothing but a load of convincing crap. There are way too many lies in it and they are all presented as fact.

fiveaxis wrote
this tee should be available in the "sand" color

Curtis wrote
This shirt is awesome. I cant wait to wear this on base! HOOYAH U.S. NAVY AIR TRAFFIC CONTOLLERS! (in training :p)

That's a B-52

The Mad Klingon wrote
Peace though superior firepower.

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